First Texas Homes - Quality Custom Homes in Dallas, Texas

About First Texas Homes

With a reputation for excellence in design, construction, and affordability, First Texas Homes boasts distinction as one of the largest regional home contractors in the Lone Star State. Founded over 25 years ago, First Texas Homes continues to expand its business, spurring the growth of communities throughout metropolitan Houston and Dallas Fort Worth, as well as the surrounding suburban areas. Defying the recent downward trend in the once robust national realty industry, First Texas Homes posted gross revenues of more than $248 million in 2010. Moreover, the company confidently projects steady or increased sales and profits for the duration of 2011.

Under the leadership of CEO and President Randall Van Wolfswinkel, First Texas Homes also partners with industry leaders to offer numerous financing options to its customers, ensuring manageable loan terms for virtually any type of mortgage. Regardless of clients' specific loan needs, First Texas Homes is confident that they will secure a lending program specifically tailored to fit their unique requirements. Working closely with a respected group of preferred lenders, First Texas Homes maintains a focused commitment on facilitating long-term relationships with its clientele, accomplishing this goal through a markedly competitive portfolio of traditional, non-conforming, and government-backed loan products.

First Texas Homes and its affiliate Gallery Custom Homes are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, constantly receiving positive feedback from satisfied customers. Homebuyers who choose to work with either First Texas Homes or Gallery Custom Homes praise the competent sales staff, building crew, and lending specialists, commenting on the unmatched quality of support they receive from day one. To read feedback submitted by past and current clients, visit today.